Nextmobility's Production

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Sidney Yi

Sidney Yi is a New York based graphic designer at Digital Natives Group and does freelance graphic design on the side. She is a graduate of James Madison University in Media Arts and Design with a concentration on Corporate Communications. Sidney's album cover art for NextMobility highlights the mobility industry's three areas of concentration; electrification of vehicles, autonomous driving, and car sharing.




NextMobility's music is an original composition by Jack Merchele, a Chicago-based audio and IT expert. Jack created the NextMobility soundtrack with NextMobility's topics and guests in mind and shares an interest in the mobility sector. Jack is a graduate of Butler University with a degree in Recording Industry Studies. 


Throughout late Q1 and early Q2 2018 NextMobility will be traveling across the world to witness life-changing mobility technology and produce season 2 of the show. Stay Tuned for more information on Season 2.